on grid Solar generator for chicken farm
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on grid Solar generator for chicken farm

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  • ED-ON100K


This is a grid tied Solar power Systems project built by Edobo company for chicken farms, and the total installed capacity of solar panels is  5.9MW. The project combines photovoltaic power generation with agricultural breeding to realize the three-dimensional value-added utilization of land and promote the deep integration of photovoltaic + breeding industry.

Roof photovoltaic can not only generate electricity to make money, but also can shade and cool down the temprature, improve the survival rate of breeders, and kill two birds with one stone. The project covers an area of 263 acres and currently breeds more than 400,000 breeders. After the project is connected to the grid, the annual power generation is about 8 million kWh, the annual savings of about 2,700 tons of standard coal, and the reduction of about 8,700 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

If you are interested in the solar generator for the chicken farm,please feel free to contact us.We can customize for you.

Our email is solar@edobo.net


It's the project photos:

solar system for barnssolar system for barns


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