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Best Solar on Grid Inverter 30kW

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  • ED-30KW inverter


Introducing the ED30kW, the latest three-phase inverter that is both highly convenient and incredibly powerful. Compared to other brands, this inverter boasts a host of features that make it the perfect choice for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Whether you need it for your home or business, the ED30kW delivers exceptional performance and reliability every time. With its advanced technology, user-friendly interface, and superior safety features, you can trust that this inverter will provide optimal performance and efficiency with every use. Choose the ED30kW and experience a new level of convenience, power, and performance for your energy needs today!

Efficient Higher revenue

l 3-4 MPP Trackers, high single circuit tracking accuracy, fast dynamic response

l 160% DC Input Over sizing

l Maximum efficiency of 98.6%. Wide MPPT voltage range: 200V-1000V

l Compatible with high power modules

Intelligent Simple O&M

l Smart -V Curve Diagnosis Function: locate PV string faults accurately and automatically detect faults

l Intelligent Fault Detection: ac-side voltage and current wave forms real-time recorded, fast fault location

l Support RS485/USB (WiFi/GPRS/Ethernet optional): remote monitoring and operation via PC or mobile phones

Reliable worry free

l IP66 Protection degree: support outdoor installation

l DC & AC Type Il SPD: prevent lightning damage

l AFCI Function (Optional): when an arc-fault is detected the inverter immediately stops operation


Max.Input Power 48kW
Max.Input Voltage 1100V
Start Voltage 250V
Rated In put Voltage 600V
Full-load MPP Voltage Range 500V~800V
MPPT Voltage Range 200V~1000V
Number of MPP Trackers 3
Number of String per MPPT 2
Max.Current per MPPT 26A
Max.Short Circuit Currernt per MPPT 32A
Max.Output Current 48.3A
Rated Output Power 30kW
Max.Output Power 33.3kVA
Rated Grid Frequncy 50Hz/60Hz
Rated Grid Voltage 230Vac/400Vac,3L/N/PE
Power Factor >0.99 (0.8 leading~0.8 lagging)
TH Di <3% (Rated Power)
Max.Efficiency 98.60%
European Efficiency 98.50%
MPPT Efficiency 99.90%
DC reverse polarity protection Yes
Anti-islanding protection Yes
AC short circuit protection Yes
Residual current monitoring unit Yes
Insulation resistance monitoring Yes
Ground fault monitoring Yes
Grid monitoring Yes
PV string monitoring Yes
Surge protection Type Ⅱ
AFCI protection Optional
Display LED / LCD / WiFi+App
Communication Standard:RS485/USB
Standard Compliance
Grid Connection Standards IEC 61727,IEC 62116,IEC60068,VFE-AR-N 4110:2018,VDE-AR-N4105:2018,
VDE-AR-N 4120:2018,N 50549,AS/NZS 4777.2:2020,CEI 0-21,VDE 0126-1-1/A1 VFR 2014,
UTE C15-712-1:2013,DEWA DRRG, NRS 097-2-1, MEA/PEA,C10/11,G98/G99
Safety/EMC IEC 62109-1:2010, IEC 62109-2:2011, EN 61000-6-2:2005, EN 61000-6-3:2007/A1:2011
General Data
Dimensions(W*H*D) 600*430*230mm
Weight 30kg
Operating Temperature Range -30℃~+60℃
Cooling Method Smart Cooling
Protection Degree IP66
Max.Operating Altitude 4000m
Reklative Humidity 0~100%
Topology Transfromless
Night Power Consumption <1W


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