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  • [aluminum news] Which State Is More Suitable for Processing 6061 Aluminum Plate T6 Or T651?
    The common states of 6061 aluminum plate include O state, T4 state, T6 state, and T651 state. The T651 state alloy is formed by stretching on the basis of T6 state to eliminate internal stress, making it more suitable for processing and forming.The difference between T6 and T651 states of 6061 alumi Read More
  • China Photovoltaic Industry Briefing: From January to November, the installed photovoltaic capacity reached 163.8 kilowatts
    China Photovoltaic Industry Briefing: From January to November, the installed photovoltaic capacity reached 163.8 kilowattsThe National Energy Administration of China stated that in the first 10 months of this year, China installed 163 gigawatts of solar energy, and by the end of November, the cumul Read More
    The government of the Australian state of Queensland has indicated that it will support the rollout of household battery energy storage systems with a new AUD 24 million ($15.75 million) residential battery rebate program in 2024.The Queensland government has announced changes to legislation that wi Read More
  • [solar news] China Silicon material prices have dropped as low as 145000 yuan/ton in 9 consecutive sessions, a decrease of over 12%
    On May 10th, the Silicon Industry Branch announced the latest price of solar grade polycrystalline silicon. amongThe transaction price of N-type materials is 16000-17100000 yuan/ton, with an average of 165700 yuan/ton.The transaction price of single crystal re feeding is 1500-16700 yuan/ton, with an Read More
  • [solar power system] how to control the discharge depth of lead-acid battery?
    To control the discharge depth of lead-acid batteries, the following measures can be taken:The control system shall be set with reasonable discharge protection voltage and discharge cutoff voltage. Generally, the discharge cutoff voltage of lead-acid battery shall not be lower than 1.75V/cell to pre Read More
  • [solar news] what is solar panel price?
    what is solar panel price?The price of solar panels varies depending on many factors such as brand, model, and power. Generally speaking, the price of solar panel panels ranges from USD0.2 to USD0.23 per watt. However, please note that when purchasing solar panels, do not only consider the price, bu Read More
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