what is solar panel?
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what is solar panel?

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What is solar panel?


When it comes to the core part of solar power plants, you may think of solar panel and inverters. When it comes to the revenue of solar power plants, you may have to mention the quality of solar panel. So, what are such important solar panel?

solar panel refer to the smallest and indivisible solar cell combination device with packaging and internal connection, which can provide DC output alone, and different specifications of solar cell combination .

The composition of solar panel and the functions of each part:

1. Tempered glass. Its function is to protect the main body of power generation (such as solar cell), and the selection of light transmission is required. 1). The light transmittance must be high (generally more than 91%); 2). Ultra-white tempering treatment.

2.EVA. It is used to bond and fix the tempered glass and the main body of power generation (such as solar cell). The quality of the transparent EVA material directly affects the life of the module. The EVA exposed to the air is easy to age and turn yellow, which will affect the light transmittance of the module, thereby affecting the power generation quality of the solar panel. In addition to the quality of the EVA itself, the lamination process of the solar panel manufacturer is also very influential. For example, the adhesiveness of the EVA is not up to standard, and the bonding strength of the EVA to the tempered glass and the back sheet is not enough, which will cause the EVA to age prematurely. Affect component life.

3. Solar cell. It’s main function is to generate electricity. The mainstream in the power generation market is crystalline silicon solar cells and thin-film solar cells, both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. The crystalline silicon solar cell equipment cost is relatively low, but the consumption and cell cost are high. However, the photoelectric conversion efficiency is also high. It is more suitable for thin-film solar cells to generate electricity in outdoor sunlight. The relative equipment cost is high, but the consumption and solar cell cost are very low. However, the photoelectric conversion efficiency is more than half that of crystalline silicon cells, but the weak light effect is better, it can also generate electricity under ordinary lights, like the solar cells on a calculator.

4. Back cover. The function is to seal, insulate, and waterproof (generally, TPT, TPE and other materials must be resistant to aging. Most component manufacturers have a 25-year warranty. Tempered glass and aluminum alloy are generally no problem. The key is whether it is compatible with the back cover and silica gel can meet the requirements.)

5. Aluminum alloy. Protect the laminate and play a certain sealing and supporting role.

6. The junction box protects the entire power generation system and acts as a current transfer station. If the component is short-circuited, the junction box automatically disconnects the short-circuit battery string to prevent the entire system from being burned. The most critical thing in the junction box is the selection of diodes, according to the solar cell in the solar panel, The types of the diodes are different, and the corresponding diodes are also different.

7. Silica gel. The sealing function is used to seal the junction between the component and the aluminum alloy frame, the component and the junction box. Some companies use double-sided adhesive tape and foam to replace the silica gel. The silica gel is widely used in China. The process is simple, convenient, easy to operate, and the cost is very low.

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