The importance of high quality solar power plant
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The importance of high quality solar power plant

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This is a real case of a fire caused by a low-quality solar power station. After the fire, not only were the PV modules almost completely burned, but also the roofs of the farmers' homes were also severely damaged, with many large beams burned off and the inside of the house in a mess.

Due to the unique nature of solar power plant, problems such as solar cell micro-cracks, substandard inverters and cables, and improper installation can easily cause fires at solar power stations. Therefore, when choosing a household solar power plant for installation, it is necessary to choose solar products produced by regular manufacturers, including PV modules, inverters, cables, and other components. In addition, special attention should be paid to the selection of distributed solar installation companies, as improper operations during installation can easily lead to problems such as module cracks, leaving behind safety hazards.

High Quality Solar SystemHigh Quality Solar SystemHigh Quality Solar System

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