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  • [solar power system] how to control the discharge depth of lead-acid battery?
    To control the discharge depth of lead-acid batteries, the following measures can be taken:The control system shall be set with reasonable discharge protection voltage and discharge cutoff voltage. Generally, the discharge cutoff voltage of lead-acid battery shall not be lower than 1.75V/cell to pre Read More
  • [solar power system] why should you choose high-quality solar power plants?
    There are several reasons why one should choose high-quality solar power plants: 1. Higher stability: High-quality solar power plants have strict quality control in design, manufacturing, and installation. The materials and equipment used are of high quality, which ensures the stability and reliabil Read More
  • [solar power system] Chinese Spring Festival Blessing
    On the occasion of the arrival of the new year, the chairman of Yantai Yiduobao Company and all the staff wish new and old customers a happy family, good health and prosperous business in the new year Read More
  • [solar power system] How to choose solar power plants?
    Things to pay attention to when choosing a home power station:1. Whether the grid can be connected or not, the difference here is whether the energy storage battery is required, and the price will be much different.2. Solar panels are divided into class A and class B, which is related to the efficie Read More
  • [solar power system] Why is the price of solar power high?
    High price factors of solar power plants:1. Installation cost. If you can install according to the drawings, you can save a lot of money.2. Generally, there are many energy storage batteries, which need to be calculated accurately, such as the load size, the time of using electrical appliances at ni Read More
  • [solar power system] Is roof solar system safe?
    Roof solar system has no radiation and will not be harmful to human system directly converts light energy into DC power through the characteristics of semiconductors, and then converts DC power into AC power that can be used by us through inverters. There is no chemical change or nuclea Read More
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