how to choose solar panel?
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how to choose solar panel?

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                                                                How to choose solar panel?

There are more and more solar power generation projects, and the most important part is the solar panel, also known as photovoltaic panels, or PV panels. Its quality can harm the productivity and application deadline of this operating system. How can we tell whether the solar panel is good or bad?

1、 "Look at the color"

Generally speaking, the appearance color of the solar panel is dark blue and uniform. If the color of the solar panel is dark and uneven, it must be of poor quality

2、 "Look at the surface"

The surface of the tempered glass of the solar panel should be flat and clean. Some small manufacturers do not eliminate silica gel dripping on the surface of tempered laminated glass in order to better improve the production and processing speed. If the silica gel is not solved, the power generation efficiency will be affected.

3、 "Look at the solar cell"

Each solar cell is cut by laser according to the overall optical fiber. However, many unreliable manufacturers on the market use broken solar cell splicing. When observing, we should pay attention to whether there are laser cutting scratches,whether there are broken on the solar cell. This kind of method has great risks, which may not be obvious in the early stage, but the spliced solar cells are easy to be disconnected again in the second half of the period, harming the use of a whole solar panel. Of course, this kind of situation cannot be detected with both eyes.

4、 "Look at the back"

Check whether there are irregularities on the back panel, such as bubbles and wrinkles.

5、 Look at the frame

Nowadays, aluminum alloy frame is commonly used for solar panel. As the entry threshold of the solar panel industry is low, many small manufacturers use manual framing. Because of the uneven strength of each framing, the frame contact tightness is not uniform, and the firmness is also particularly damaged.

6、 "Look at silicone"

Check whether the silica gel around the back is evenly distributed and closely penetrates the gap between the baffle and the frame.

7、 "Watch electric welding"

Carefully observe whether there is missing welding in the series welding of the solar cell. In addition, check whether the solar cells are arranged neatly.

8、 "Look at the junction box"

Check whether the junction box is firm and whether the rear cover plate of the junction box is firm

9、 "Look at the price"

If none of the above can be identified. The most commercial insurance method is price comparison. The price of solar panels in China fluctuates, but there is an approximate range. If the price given by the manufacturer is far lower than the market price, we should carefully identify it. In addition, the manufacturer must provide the matching solar panel qualification certificate, enterprise qualification certificate text document, etc.



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