What kind of solar power system should be selected
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What kind of solar power system should be selected

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The solar array converts solar energy into electric energy under the condition of light, supplies power to the load through the solar charge and discharge controller, and charges the battery pack at the same time; When there is no light, the battery pack supplies power to the DC load through the solar charge and discharge controller. At the same time, the battery also supplies power directly to the independent inverter, and the current is generated through the independent inverter to supply power to the AC load. solar power  system is not a standardized product. The same configuration is not necessarily suitable for all users, but is designed and configured according to users' use conditions. In different places, the use types are also different. Many customers know little about this. For users who are interested in installing solar power system: what kind of solar power system should they choose?

The following is a summary of the content

  • Choose pure lighting or household appliances?

  • Is it better to choose a portable all-in-one machine or a combined one?

  • Choose AC solar power system or DC hybrid solar power system?

Pure lighting or household appliances?

According to its functions, solar power  system can be divided into two types: one is household DC lighting system for simple lighting; It is a 220V AC output power generation system that can be used for lighting and household appliances. The lighting system has simple functions and is also the most cost-effective power generation system, but it can not be used for household appliances.

Is it better to choose a portable all-in-one machine or a combined one?

The portable all-in-one machine is also developed and designed for portability. It has the characteristics of portability and installation free. It is very suitable for outdoor camping. However, due to its limited volume, the power storage capacity is small. The combined type needs simple installation and large power storage capacity, which is both practical and affordable, because it is also more suitable for family users and outdoor residences. (combined solar power system) DC solar power system with battery is composed of solar cell, charge-discharge controller, battery and DC load. When sunlight enters, the solar cell converts light energy into electric energy for load use, and stores electric energy to the battery at the same time. At night or in rainy days, the battery supplies power to the load. This system is widely used, ranging from solar lawn lamps and courtyard lamps to mobile communication base stations and microwave transfer stations far away from the power grid, rural power supply in remote areas, etc. When the system capacity and load power are large, it needs to be equipped with solar cell array and battery pack.

AC solar power system, DC hybrid solar power system

DC hybrid solar power  system compared with DC solar power system, AC solar power  system has an AC inverter to convert DC into AC and provide electric energy for AC load. AC / DC hybrid solar power  system can supply power for both DC load and AC load. Municipal power complementary solar power  system is to use solar power generation as the main power in the independent solar power  system, supplemented by ordinary 220V AC supplementary power. In this way, the capacity of solar panels and batteries in the solar power  system can be designed to be smaller. Basically, there is sunshine on the same day, and the electricity generated by solar energy on the same day will be supplemented with municipal electricity energy on rainy days. Most regions in China have more than two-thirds of the sunny weather for many years, which not only reduces the one-time investment in solar power system, but also has a significant effect in energy conservation and emission reduction.

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