Solar power system can be divided into several categories?
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Solar power system can be divided into several categories?

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Solar power system can be divided into off-grid solar power system, grid-connected solar power system and distributed solar power  system. Here are three kinds of solar power systems:

  • Off-grid solar power system

  • Grid-connected solar power system

  • Distributed solar power system

  • the advantages of solar power system

Off-grid solar power system

Off-grid solar power system refers to a system that generates power directly for independent users and is not associated with the public power grid. The solar module is mainly used to convert light energy into electric energy, and the energy storage system (battery) is charged through the control unit. The solar module or battery converts DC into AC through the inverter to supply the load. The system is widely used in nomadic families, remote mountainous areas, farmers, ships, islands and other areas. Due to the difficult power supply, poor power supply quality, unstable power supply and other factors in these areas, the off-grid solar power system effectively solves the power consumption problem of local residents.

The off-grid solar power system is mainly composed of solar modules, controller and storage battery. If the output power supply is AC 220V or 110V, it should also be equipped with inverter.

Grid-connected solar power system

The grid-connected solar power system is also formed by solar modules. The DC power is converted into AC power applicable to the standard of municipal power grid through grid-connected inverter, and then directly connected to the public power grid. The grid-connected solar power system has a centralized large-scale grid-connected power station, which is mainly characterized in that the generated power is directly transmitted to the power grid, and the power is uniformly distributed to each household by the power grid. However, such power stations have large investment, long development cycle and large total area, and there is not much development trend.

Distributed solar power system

Distributed solar power system, also known as distributed generation system or distributed energy supply system, infrastructure includes solar modules, solar array support, DC combiner box, DC distribution box, grid-connected inverter, AC distribution box and other facilities, as well as power supply and distribution system monitoring device and environmental protection monitoring device.

So what are the advantages of solar power system

1. Solar is inexhaustible. The solar radiation on the surface can meet the energy supply. Solar power is safe and stable and will not be affected by energy crisis or market instability

2. PV can be taken everywhere, which can transmit power nearby without long-distance transmission, so as to prevent the damage of long-distance transmission lines

3. Solar operation cost is very low and does not need energy

4. Solar power system has no moving parts, is not easy to be damaged and has simple protection. It is suitable for use in unattended areas;

5. solar power system will not form any waste, no pollution, noise and other hazards, and has no adverse impact on the ecological environment. It is an ideal green energy;

6. The construction cycle of solar power system is short, convenient and flexible, and the volume of solar array can be increased or reduced according to the increase or decrease of load, realizing the principle of no waste.

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