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Half cell solar panel introduction:

For half-cell technology, they actually cut an ordinary solar cell into two halves. Unlike common photovoltaic modules with 60 or 72 cells, it has become 120 or 144 half-cell cells, while maintaining the same design and size as conventional modules.

The half-cell technology generally uses laser cutting. The standard-size cell is cut into the same two half-cells along the direction perpendicular to the main grid line of the battery, and then welded in series.
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  • YL450D-40d1/2


Advantages of half-cell solar panel:

-Lower packaging loss

Since the internal current and line resistance are reduced, the internal loss consumed in the internal loop is reduced. The power loss is proportional to the current. Half of the current and one-fourth of the resistance make the half-chip module can reduce the power loss by 4 times. The output power and power generation of the power plant have also increased.

-Shadow tolerance reduces the risk of hot spots

The half-cell module has 6 battery strings, making it a 6-string battery board. Although a small part of the shadow on the module (leaf, bird droppings, etc.) will make the entire battery string invalid, the string will not affect other battery strings due to the design of the bypass diode (marked in red in the figure below), reducing the impact of the shadow .



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