Learn more about the solar roof power system
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Learn more about the solar roof power system

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Since we call solar power generation system, it is not a single component, but composed of multiple components, and there are certain influencing factors in the components. Today, let's briefly talk about the equipment of solar roof power system?

The following is the content introduction

  • Composition of solar roof power system

  • Working principle of solar roof power system

  • Requirements of solar roof power system for solar panels

Composition of solar roof power system

The solar roof power system is mainly composed of PV modules, controllers, inverters, batteries and other accessories (batteries are not required for grid connection). Depending on whether it depends on the public power grid, it can be divided into off-grid and grid-connected. The off-grid system operates independently and does not need to rely on the power grid. The off-grid PV system is equipped with a battery with energy storage function, which can ensure the stable power of the system and supply power to the load when the PV system does not generate power at night or insufficient power on cloudy and rainy days.

Working principle of solar roof power system

No matter what form, the working principle is that the PV module converts light energy into DC, which is transformed into transaction current under the action of inverter, and finally realizes the functions of power consumption and Internet access. The following is the function of some equipment:  solar panel is the core part of solar power generation system and the most valuable part of solar roof power system. Its function is to convert the radiation capacity of the sun into electric energy, solar inverter send it to the battery for storage, battery promote the load to work.

Requirements of solar roof power system for solar panels

The quality and cost of solar panels will directly determine the quality and cost of the whole system. Solar cells are generally silicon cells, which are divided into monocrystalline silicon solar cells, polycrystalline silicon solar cells and amorphous silicon solar cells. Battery pack: its function is to store the electric energy emitted by the solar cell array when it is illuminated, and can supply power to the load at any time. The basic requirements of solar roof power system for the battery pack are as following:

A. low self-discharge rate; B.long service life; C.Strong deep discharge capability; D.High charging efficiency; E. Less or no maintenance; F. Wide working temperature range; G. Low price. Controller: it is a device that can automatically prevent battery overcharge and over-discharge. Because the cycle charge and discharge times and discharge depth of the battery are important factors that determine the service life of the battery, the charge and discharge controller that can control the overcharge or over-discharge of the battery pack is essential equipment. Inverter: a device that converts direct current into alternating current. Since solar cells and batteries are DC power sources and the load is AC load, inverter is essential. According to the operation mode, the inverter can be divided into independent operation inverter and grid-connected inverter.

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