10kw Hybrid Solar System with battery storage for home
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10kw Hybrid Solar System with battery storage for home

Hybrid solar systems combines the best from grid-tied and off-grid solar systems. These systems can either be described as off-grid solar with utility backup power, or grid-tied solar with battery storage.
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  • ED-HY10K


The average output generating capacity of 10 KW solar hybrid system is 40KWH to 60KWH per day according to the different sunshine time. 10 KW solar system is the better choice for a home to run heavy load. The specifications of 10 KW hybrid solar system is given below.

                                10KW hybrid solar system Equipment list
Module Description Description Quantity
1 450W Solar panel Size:2094*1038*35mm; Weight:23.5Kgs 24pcs
2 Hybrid inverter 10kw US or EU  standard 1set
3 Battery 15KWH gel battery or Lithium battery 1set
4 Mounting Structure Whole set mounting structure for 24pcs solar modules 1 set
5 PV Cables 4mm2 200m
6 solar connector Rated Voltage:1000V 8pairs

If you have request for the hybrid solar system ,we can choose the suitable hybrid solar system according to your request.

We have installed hundreds of hybrid solar systems In different country. People’s lives have became easier by these solar systems, which has not only solved their problems to use electricity but also made them more comfortable. You can also live in world-class luxury by having solar panel installed in your home roof,it doesn’t cover extral space. Some of the solar systems we’ve installed are shown below  on the ground or on the roof.

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