Self Use Smart 5kw Off Grid Solar Power System For Family in UK
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Self Use Smart 5kw Off Grid Solar Power System For Family in UK

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  • ED-OFF5K


Come and learn about our products! Off grid solar power generation system, your trustworthy and excellent product. If you are concerned about your electricity bill, if you are looking for a new energy source as an alternative, and if you have a demand for solar power generation systems, you can try using our off grid solar power generation system.

The reason why you should choice us:

Cheaper price

More efficient power system

More convenient assembly method

More professional technical guidance

Before selecting the solar power system you want, the most important thing you need to know is the difference between the off-grid type and  the on grid type. For ordinary families, off-grid solar power system is the most suitable choice. Off-grid solar power system is relatively independent and has storage batteries to store electricity. In this way, the excess electricity generated when the sun is sufficient will be stored, and the stored electricity can be used at night or in cloudy days. Therefore, off-grid power system is very suitable for domestic use or relatively remote places.

The on grid solar power system has no battery. The advantage of the on grid solar power system is that it can use the public power grid when the light is insufficient, and can also transfer the surplus power into the power grid, so as to obtain a profit. For ordinary families, off-grid power system is still the most suitable choice.

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