Self Use High Power 8kw Hybrid Solar Power System in Sweden
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Self Use High Power 8kw Hybrid Solar Power System in Sweden

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  • ED-HY8K


Do you want a high-quality solar power system? Why not try our product? We are a professional manufacturer of solar power systems. The solar power generation systems we produce and sell not only have guaranteed quality, but also can be customized according to your needs. You don't have to worry about installation issues either. Our product installation is very convenient, and with the help of the manual, you can even install it yourself. Of course, you can ask our team to solve the installation problems for you, which is also a part of our service. One of the most suitable features of our product for home use is its very convenient installation. Whether you have experience or are a professional, as long as you follow our guidance, this work will become very simple and very suitable for home use.

There's some projects:

10kW hybrid solar system微信图片_20220317135006

Our company's solar power generation system also has another advantage, which is its excellent after-sales service. We have a very professional after-sales service team that can guide and assist you in using our products remotely or offline. No matter what problems you encounter during use, just contact our after-sales team and we will provide you with the fastest and highest quality after-sales service. To ensure your user experience, we always adopt the most meticulous service, which is our source of confidence! Contact us to obtain the latest and best information about solar power systems.

And there's our factory and packing:

OUR FACTORY带水印our packing


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