Rooftop Mounted Good Price 10kw on Grid Solar System for Family in Germany
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Rooftop Mounted Good Price 10kw on Grid Solar System for Family in Germany

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  • ED-ON10K


Want to reduce the energy cost in your bill? Do you want to use your own device to generate electricity and sell it to the public grid? If your government allows, you can achieve the above goals by installing a set of on grid solar power  system.

Generally speaking, solar power systems can be divided into three types: Off Grid, On Grid and Hybrid. The biggest difference between them is whether there is an energy storage device, a battery. Usually, the on grid system does not have batteries. Because most of them are connected to the public grid, the surplus electricity produced by them can be input into the public grid. If the local policy allows, it may make a profit. However, the off grid system must be equipped with a battery. The excess electricity generated during the day is stored in the battery. When there is no light, such as at night or in rainy days, the power can be obtained from the electricity stored in the battery. Similarly, hybrid systems also have batteries.

Our company has the most professional service personnel and technical experts. If you have any questions about solar energy, you can contact us and we will provide you with answers. Of course, if you are interested in our solar system, we also welcome you to consult us. We can provide the highest quality service and allow you to enjoy the most perfect investment experience!

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