Full Set And Versatile 8kw on Grid Solar Power System in Italy
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Full Set And Versatile 8kw on Grid Solar Power System in Italy

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  • ED-ON8K


Choose a suitable solar power system for your family to reduce your life pressure, lower your living costs, and gain a lot of convenience. We are a company with production and sales experience. Over the past twenty years, we have provided high quality services to customers in many countries around the world. Our service level has always been higher than most of our peers. At the same time, through continuous accumulation and optimization, we have summarized and improved service methods suitable for different customers. Therefore, please believe in our professional level. We can not only ensure the quality and price of the products we sell, but also ensure our high-quality service. 

If you are confused about what type of solar power system you should choose, you can also consult us. Our team can design the most suitable solar power system for you based on your actual situation, using what power of solar panels, which part of the house to install, and how to install it to best meet the requirements. Through the detailed design of our professional team, we believe these problems can be perfectly solved, which is our advantage.

Of course, you can also choose solar power systems according to your preferences. Generally speaking, for solar power systems used in households, on grid type is generally chosen. On grid solar power systems are generally more able to meet the needs of ordinary households. They can not only generate electricity themselves, but also obtain electricity through the public grid, which allows you to have electricity security at any time and under any conditions. In addition, if you are willing, you can also sell the excess electricity produced to your neighbors or nearby factories, which is up to you.

Come join us and provide as much convenience as possible for your beautiful life! We are always looking forward to your joining!

There are some pictures about our factory and projects:

OUR FACTORY带水印WAREHOUSEon grid solar system installation


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Yantai Edobo Tech.Co.,Ltd is a production-oriented enterprise integrating design, research and development, production, sales and service.

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