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Aluminum Tread Plate

aluminum checkered plate is also known as non-slip aluminum plate. The type of aluminum checkered plate has 1xxx series, 3xxx series, 5xxx series, 6xxx series aluminum alloy plates. The pattern has one bar (also called pointer-shaped or gem pattern plate) and two bars. , Three bars, five bars checkered plates, etc., aluminum checkered plates are widely used in non-slip flooring, decoration and decoration fields such as construction, vehicles, ships, etc.

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The type of aluminum checkered plate:

Diamond aluminum checkered plate,one bar ,three bars,five bars.

The specificaiton of aluminum checkered plate:

Thickness:1.5mm to 8mm

Width:below 2000mm

Length:can be customized

The classifications of aluminum checkered plate:

1. Ordinary aluminum alloy pattern plate: the aluminum alloy pattern plate processed with 1060 aluminum plate as the base, can adapt to the normal environment, and the price is low. Usually cold storage, floor, and outer packaging use this kind of patterned aluminum sheet.

2. Aluminum alloy pattern plate: It is processed with 3003 as the main raw material. This kind of aluminum plate is also called anti-rust aluminum plate. Its strength is slightly higher than that of ordinary aluminum alloy pattern plate. It has certain anti-rust performance, but hardness and corrosion resistance. It cannot reach the 5000 series of patterned plates, so the product is used in non-strict anti-rust aspects, such as truck models and cold storage floors.

3. Aluminum-magnesium alloy pattern plate: It is processed from 5000 series aluminum plates such as 5052 or 5083 as raw materials, and has good corrosion resistance, hardness and rust resistance. Usually used in special places, such as ships, cabin lights, and humid environments. This kind of aluminum plate has high hardness and a certain load-bearing capacity.


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