6061 6082 slotted Aluminum Bar
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6061 6082 slotted Aluminum Bar

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  • 6061 6082


6061 Aluminum Bar

is an extruded aluminum product that is very popular in industry and has a wide range of applications. 6061 Aluminum bar is one of the heat treatable aluminum alloys. It has excellent corrosion resistance, good workability and good machinability.  6061 aluminum bar applications have a wide range, from medical assemblies, aircraft construction, structural components to machining.  6061 t6511 aluminum bar has a high strength to weight ratio making it ideal for any application where parts need to be light.

6061 aluminum bar is a popular material used in various industries due to its exceptional properties. The alloy 6061 contains magnesium and silicon, providing excellent strength, corrosion resistance, and weldability. We will discuss in detail the benefits of using 6061 aluminum bar and its applications in different industries.

Strength and Durability: 6061 aluminum bar has an ultimate tensile strength of at least 42,000 psi and yield strength of 35,000 psi. It is a highly durable material, designed to withstand tough conditions and heavy loads. This makes it an ideal choice for structural applications in aerospace, automotive, and marine industries etc.

Corrosion Resistance: The addition of magnesium and silicon in the alloy increases its resistance to corrosion, making it ideal for outdoor applications. It can withstand harsh weather conditions, chemicals, and saltwater, making it the go-to material for marine and offshore structures.

Weldability: 6061 aluminum bar possesses excellent weldability, allowing it for a seamless joining of two pieces. This makes it easy to fabricate and produce complex shapes and structures.

Applications: 6061 aluminum bar is widely used in various industries. It is commonly used in the construction of aircraft, boats, and automobiles due to its high strength and corrosion resistance. Additionally, it is used in the manufacturing of bicycle frames, electrical fittings, and camera parts etc. Its versatile properties suit the different needs of these industries.Wide application make 6061 aluminum bar popular.

In conclusion, 6061 aluminum bar is an exceptional material used in various applications. Its strength, corrosion-resistance, and weldability make it the go-to choice for many industries. Its durability and toughness make it the perfect material for use in complex structures requiring strength and stability. If you are in need of high-quality 6061 aluminum bars, you can get in touch with reputable manufacturers and suppliers who can provide customized solutions for your needs.


Name: 6061Aluminum Bar

Alloy: 2017, 2011, 2024,  6061, 6063, 6082,  7075

Temper: O, H112, T4, T6,T351,T651 etc.

Diameter: up to 400mm

Length: Up to 6m


High strength and heat treatable alloy

Good mechanical properties

Easy processing, good abrasive resistance

Good corrosion and oxidation resistance

aluminum flat bar show and packing


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