5052 H26 Aluminum Plate for engraving
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5052 H26 Aluminum Plate for engraving

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  • 5052


Product Description of 5052 H26 Aluminum Plate

Aluminium plate 5052 H38 offers exceptional strength and reverses corrosions, making it custom for a wide range of industrial applications. It is generally used to build sound dances, including compression a n d sea components.

Thanks to its high transverse strength and its great visibility, the aluminium plate 5052 H38 is the highest choice for manufacturers looking for a compatible and trusted matter. Its higher opposition to bad water and other bad environments also makes it a popular choice for such programs.

Made of a high-quality aluminum scheme, 5052 H38 offers sufficient defence even under sufficient conditions. It is based on a n explanation for high temperatures and severe chemistry, making it ideal for use in various industrial environments. _

Aluminium plate 5052 H38 is known for its formation and great activity, making it easy to form and process in various manufactures. It is also very diverse and suitable for a wide range of applications in the aerospace, automatic and construction industries.

Thanks to its great strength and its corrosion resistance, aluminium plate 5052 H38 chooses great for outdoor and heavy applications. Suspends a wide range of weather conditions and chemical environments, making it a reliable and supported selection.

Specification of Aluminum Plate


Chemical Component of 5052 H26 Aluminum Plate


Product Display of 5052 H26 Aluminum Plate

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Knowledge of 5052 Aluminum Plate

As a typical alloy of the 5 series, the Mg content of 5052 aluminum plate is 2.2%~2.8%, which belongs to the low Mg, non strengthened aluminum plate without heat treatment. It has the characteristics of medium strength, good corrosion resistance, good welding performance, and easy processing and forming. In the annealed state, the work hardening rate of the alloy is high, therefore, in the hard state, its plasticity is lower. When the cold treatment rate of the plate after hot rolling is 50%, the recrystallization temperature of the alloy is about 288 ℃.

Mg is the only strengthening element that has a certain solid solution strengthening effect and can increase the work hardening rate of the alloy, resulting in more obvious strain strengthening of the alloy. Due to its excellent formability, corrosion resistance, weldability, and fatigue strength, 5052 alloy is commonly used as a decorative panel material. With the development of related industries such as machinery and automobiles, the demand for 5052 aluminum sheet metal is constantly increasing. Currently, research on this material mainly focuses on alloy welding processes. Now let's take a look at the aluminum magnesium alloy welding characteristics of 5052 aluminum plate:

A. Strong restoration ability. Aluminum and oxygen have a strong affinity, and aluminum is easily oxidized in the air to form a dense and sturdy A1203 film with a thickness of about 0.1 μ M; The melting point of A1203 is as high as 2050 ℃, far higher than the melting point of aluminum and aluminum plates (500-600 ℃). During the welding process, the oxide film can hinder the good bonding between metals and easily cause slag inclusion. The aluminum oxide film also adsorbs moisture, which can promote the formation of pores in the weld seam during welding.

B. High thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity. The thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity of aluminum and aluminum plates are more than twice that of carbon steel and low alloy steel. During the welding process, a large amount of heat is quickly transmitted to the interior of the base metal. Therefore, when welding aluminum and aluminum plates, heat is consumed not only in the molten metal, but also in other parts of the metal.

C. There is a strong tendency for thermal cracking. The linear expansion coefficient of aluminum is about 22.9 x 10-6/℃, and that of iron is 11.7 x 10-6/℃. The linear expansion coefficient of aluminum and aluminum plates is about twice that of carbon steel and low alloy steel. The volume shrinkage rate of aluminum during solidification is relatively large, reaching 6.5%, while that of iron is 3.5%. Therefore, aluminum and aluminum plates are prone to shrinkage, porosity, hot cracking, and high internal stress during welding.

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D. High sensitivity of stomata. Aluminum and aluminum plate liquid melt pools are prone to absorbing gases such as hydrogen. A large amount of gas dissolved at high temperatures cannot precipitate in time during the cooling and solidification process after welding, and will accumulate in the weld seam to form pores. The moisture in the arc column atmosphere, as well as the moisture adsorbed on the surface oxide film of the welding material and base metal, are all important sources of hydrogen gas in the weld seam.

E. There is no color change during solid-state liquefaction. When the metal in the welding pool of aluminum and aluminum plates changes from solid to liquid, there is no obvious color change, which brings inconvenience to the welding operation.

F. Single phase. Aluminum has a face centered cubic lattice with no allotropes, and there is no phase change during heating and cooling. The grain size of the weld seam is prone to coarsening, and cannot be refined through phase change. Research has shown that 5052 aluminum plate has good friction stir welding performance, dynamic recrystallization occurs in the weld zone, the weld grain is refined, and the weld can achieve a temperature range of 0 ℃ to 180 ℃. Arbitrary bending and optimizing process parameters can make the strength of welded joints reach or exceed that of the base material.


Q: Can I get samples first?

A: Of course. We are also very willing to provide samples, which can help us reduce errors and meet customer requirements without error ;

Q: What information do I need to provide ?

A: You need to provide the grades, thickness, width, length or any other detailes and the number of tons you want to purchase;

Q: Can I go to your factory to visit?

A: Yes, we warmly welcome customers from all over the world to visit our factory and become our mutually beneficial and win-win partners

Q: How can I get a quotation from you?

A: You can leave us message or send us by email , and we will reply every message and email in time.


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