30kw 50 KW Off Grid solar panel system
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30kw 50 KW Off Grid solar panel system

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  • ED-30KOFF


30KW 50KW Hybrid Off Grid Solar System Configuration
Model 30KW Hybrid Solar System 50KW Hybrid Solar System
Solar panel 450W 72 pcs 28pcs
Combiner Box 4 inputs 1output 2input 2output
Hybrid Inverter 30KW Hybrid Inverter 50KW Hybrid Inverter
Battery Customized (Gel/Lithium Battery Optional)
Mounting Support Roof/Ground Design
PV Cable 200m 500m
Connector 20 pairs 30 pairs
Tools Bag Wire Cable Cutter & Stripper, Crimping Pliers for PV Connectors (Opt)
Kindly Reminder: The Above System Configuration For Initial Designing, The System Configuration Are Subject to Changing Depends onYour Final Installation Conditions and Requirements.

Solar panel

* PID Free PV Module
* 0-5W Positive Power Output Guarantee
* 25 Years Power Output Guarantee
* 100% Double Full EL Inspection

* No micro-cracks and finger broken

* High conversion efficiency


*Automatic Switch to charge loads, batteries or from Grid backup with 

priority setting function;

*Lithium Battery and GEL storage battery compatible with almost all types of inverters;

*Comprehensive WIFI monitor


*Aluminum alloy or steel for your choice

*Max snow load 5400Pa

*Max wind load 2400Pa
*Compatible with all solar modules.

gel battery


*Lithium and GEL Storage Batteries for your choice

*Differece size for your optional,100Ah,150Ah,200Ah,250Ah etc.
*BMS Communication matched with almost all types of energy inverters;
*Installation is convenient with cable, rack etc

*Accessories ready in package.


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