100kw grid tied solar power system on rooftop factory
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100kw grid tied solar power system on rooftop factory

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  • ED-ON100K


How does the Solar Works?

Solar powe systems, also called solar PV systems use solar light to produce electricity, Here’s how does it works:

1. The solar panel transfer the sunshine into electricity.

2. The electricity passes through an inverter and is converted to usable power.

3. The inverter sends power to your home. The sufficient energy you don’t use is feedback to the power grid.

4. The meter runs backwards and record and you save up to 90% on your electric bill.

With the increasing costs of power and electricity, a number of businesses turn to solar power systems.
Commercial and industrial buildings suffer higher rates than residential users in many countries, find a way to switch to solar systems becomes more economical.

While making a decision to shift to solar power systems a number of businesses get confused between off-grid and on-grid solar systems. To make the right choice it is important to comprehend the key differences between off-grid and on-grid solar systems.

Please contact us,we have rich experience in solar power system,we will offer you reasonable and professional solution.

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