100kw Hybrid Solar System with battery for commercial
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100kw Hybrid Solar System with battery for commercial

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  • ED-HY100K


If your government is providing subsidy on solar in order to promote solar power,we suggest you choose hybrid solar system. You can also take advantage and install hybrid solar system on subsidy.

We have installed hundreds of hybrid solar systems In different country. People’s lives have became easier by these solar systems, which has not only solved their problems to use electricity but also made them more comfortable. You too can live in world-class luxury by having solar panel installed in your home roof,it doesn’t cover extral space. Some of the solar systems we’ve installed are shown below if you have space on the ground.

No matter what kind of  building you own, the Edobo technician can assist you to design the solar system, we can advise you on the right solar system solution for your circumstances,to maximize both solar energy output and the resulting economic and environmental benefits..You can spend less money and get very best benefit from our solar system.

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