cheap price industrial solar system solar power installation
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cheap price industrial solar system solar power installation

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  • ED-ON10K


Edobo on-grid solar system take the advanced technology,  very high conversion efficiency ,very low failture rate.  Our on-grid solar system is combined with high-efficiency solar panels, solar inverter, PV mounting structure, and other solar accessories. Edobo supply effective on-grid solar system solution for residential and commercial/industrial applications.Through our monitor system ,you can get know the comsumption and generation clearly.

It’s very important to choose a right supplier,you can get good quality and professional service,and you will have no trouble.

If you can tell us the on grid solar system location,the installtion envirement,energy consumption,we can design the solar system for free.

Technology consult is free.

Please see the below photos that we design for our customers.You can only install the solar panel according to our manual.It makes things easily.

solar power installtion 2solar power installtion

No matter what kind of building you own,we can design the PV mounting structure for you,and supply complete equipment for you,supply the installation drawing with details.All theses works make you very easy to install the solar PV system.


Steel material

               on the ground

Metal rool PV bracket


         Aluminum material

               On metal roof 

tile roof PV bracket



          Aluminum or steel 

               On tile roof

solar system project cases


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