200kw Rooftop commercial Solar power System
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200kw Rooftop commercial Solar power System

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  • ED-ON200K


If you are interested in install commercial solar power system,no matter what kind of commercial building you own, the Edobo technician can assist you to design the solar system, we can advise you on the right solar system solution for your circumstances,to maximize both solar energy output and the resulting economic and environmental benefits..You can spend less money and get very best benefit from our solar system.

We supply the complex process of solar electric integration and provide expertise at every project stage. From site analysis to design and operating your system,Edobo company will create a program that is custom-made for you. We design the solar power system,supply the complete solar equipment ,make the detailed installation manual and offer technical support to help youn finish the solar photovoltaic (PV) installations.If you have no ability to install the solar power system,we will sent technicians to help you.

We have installed the solar power system in both the public and private sectors, Edobo company brings the advantages of solar energy to commercial and industrial clients,schools, municipalities, and government agencies. We’ve been providing the solar solutions to many customers all over the world for more than 20 years.






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